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5 Member-Centric Benefits to Upgrading Your Branch Signature Pads

    Member expectations have been evolving, but the COVID-19 pandemic shifted them into overdrive. As their expectations have changed, your delivery of products and services must change as well. In a time when social distancing and masks will likely remain the norm in public, have you considered the impact to member experience as they begin returning to your branches?

    Branch strategies must evolve as consumers become more accustomed to digital services, but they will always need their branch. Aligning your credit union’s branch experience to the digital member experience is a must. Wedding the human interaction branch members crave with the efficiency and security of digital is a powerful one-two punch!

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    Benefits of updating your in-branch signature pads:

    1. Member verification – When your signatures pads are capable of syncing to your core system, members can verify their identity and access information more securely.

    2. Member security – Rather than verbalizing a members’ balance or PIN across the counter with other people in the branch, your signature pad should provide this type of security to build member trust. No one else should know how much is in their money market account.

    3. Member pride – Sometimes members might overdraw their accounts, and your credit union can save members the embarrassment of announcing that across the teller counter where others might overhear.

    4. Member marketing – Deliver customized campaigns and empower your tellers to target offers based upon a member’s qualifications.

    5. Member (and frontline!) efficiency – It’s way faster, and your members can carry on that conversation about their grandchildren or recent vacation with the teller while they transact, helping to further build on the human experience of the branch.

    And why are all those benefits to automating your credit union’s branch experience significant? They build trust. They allow for deeper relationships. They demonstrate understanding of your members’ needs.

    Some members may not know they can refinance their mortgage through your credit union and save every month. They may not know that your credit card offerings will save them interest and fees, or that their dream car is within their financial reach because your rates are the best in town. With WRG’s Tellergy software, you can display all of that information so your teller can continue to focus on the member.

    As we move forward, look to see how you can protect your members’ personal financial data and privacy – not only on the web, but also in your branches. Provide the service your member deserves and exceed their expectations to win their business for years to come. Leverage a solution that improves their experience and that of your team. Leverage Tellergy.

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