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Your core system provides a wealth of information about each of your members. And it’s the cornerstone of member interaction for many of your team members

But to make the most of your core system investment, you need business analysts and programmers to create scripts and workflows that streamline work processes and align with your product and service strategies

Our Programming Services Feature

  • Expertise in Corelation’s Keystone system
  • Options for Batch Scripts and On-Demand UI Scripts
  • Annual blocks of hours, or project-based work models
  • A business analyst that provides no-cost and no-obligation consultations about your business needs and project scope
  • Coordination with our Telecom and Operations teams to ensure core systems are accessed securely and efficiently

Deliverables Provided

  1. Discovery Session: An initial review of the business needs and impacted processes
  2. Requirements Gathering: Review of pertinent native core functionality
  3. Documentation of Script Logic: Connecting the dots between the business logic and the programming code
  4. Assistance with Testing: With troubleshooting to ensure your goals are met

Types of Programming Services

  • Report Creation and Updates
  • Scripting – streamline processes by eliminating manual steps and replacing with a programmatic script
  • Batch Script and On-Demand UI Scripts

Programming Tools



  • Corelation’s Confluence
  • KeyStone Documentation
  • Jaspersoft
  • Standard Jaspersoft Reports
  • Intro to Reporting in KeyStone


  • IBM Data Studio
  • Jaspersoft Studio
  • Corelation’s Beatrice
  • SQL



  • Corelation’s Confluence
  • KeyStone Documentation
  • KeyStone APIs
  • Batch Scripting
  • UI Scripting


  • Javascript (UI)
  • Java (Batch)
  • SQL
  • Html/CSS/ExtJS
  • Corelation’s KeyScript IDE

With WRG, our programming specialists have the expertise and resources to translate your needs and help put your plans into action

Contact our team today to get started on your next project!