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Credit Union of Georgia Creates a Better Experience with Tellergy


    “We identified the Tellergy solution as a way to speed up our teller
    line and allow us to have more interactive conversations with the
    members standing in front of us.”

    –Kathy Day, COO, Credit Union of Georgia


    Credit Union of Georgia was founded in 1960 to serve local eachers and school employees. Today, the community chartered-Credit Union serves anyone who lives or works in 13 counties across northeast Georgia. As of July 2022, Credit Union of Georgia has $615 million in assets, and serves over 36,000 members through seven branch locations. With a mission “to serve our local communities by providing financial solutions and guidance for every stage of life,” Credit Union of Georgia is all about helping members through their entire financial journey and giving back to the communities it serves.

    Credit Union of Georgia implemented the Tellergy™ for Verifone® teller line solution from Wescom Resources Group (WRG) in April 2022.


    Credit Union of Georgia sought to enhance its branch operations to achieve:

    • A Better Member Experience: Credit Union of Georgia is focused on helping each member along their entire financial journey. It needed a branch technology solution that would empower staff to proactively assist members and engage in value-added conversations.
    • Greater Teller Line Efficiency: Credit Union of Georgia had heard frustration from their members about long branch wait times caused by slow, antiquated processes. The Credit Union needed a solution that would enable faster, more efficient teller line transactions..
    • Heightened Member Confidentiality and Security: Staff would ask members to verbally provide their
      account numbers and other personal information at the teller line. Credit Union of Georgia needed a teller line technology solution that would maintain member confidentiality and help ensure the security of members’ personal information.

    To improve its branch teller line operations, Credit Union of Georgia selected WRG’s Tellergy™ for Verifone® technology solution. The Credit Union went live with Tellergy in April of 2022 in all seven of its branch locations.

    • Better Member Experience: The intuitive, familiar functionality of the Verifone multimedia device
      coupled with enhanced Tellergy features like eReceipts and QR code-enabled Google surveys
      provide Credit Union of Georgia’s members with a smooth, frictionless experience at the teller line.

    “The members seem to think the hardware is very fancy and nice to interact with,” says Mike
    Gibson, Cobb Area Manager.  “It puts us a class above where we were in terms of the general
    member branch experience.”

    • Growing the Brand: With Tellergy’s built-in features like push marketing and on-screen QR codes, Tellergy is much more than a teller transaction solution. It also serves as a powerful tool for marketing
      and branding, and sparks conversations with members around addressing their needs.

    “We are rotating five to six different full-color slides focused on our products, services, and loan
    offerings,” says Amanda Arnold, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “It allows
    us to continuously get our messaging in front of the members through repeated exposure. Tellergy
    helps the teller identify the member quicker, but it’s also an advertising tool for us. It’s serving many
    different purposes and it’s definitely a great aid.”

    • Faster Teller Transactions: With Tellergy, Credit Union of Georgia has eliminated multiple
      bottlenecks in its teller line processes, resulting in a 75% time savings in the member identification
      step alone.

    “Previously, it took us just under two minutes to verify a member through our various methods,”
    Gibson says. “Now, when the member inserts their debit card and enters their PIN, it takes less than
    30 seconds to pull up their account information.”

    • Increased Security and Member Confidentiality: The combination of the Verifone multimedia
      device’s advanced security features and Tellergy’s deep integration with the leading credit union core
      systems means that Credit Union of Georgia achieves best-in-class data security and member
      confidentiality during every teller line interaction.

    “With the Tellergy solution, member identification is much more accurate,” Gibson says.“Tellergy
    makes sure we pull up the right account every time. From a member experience point of view, that
    was a tremendous fix.”


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