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Strata Credit Union Outsources Core Hosting to WRG

    When Strata Credit Union determined it was time to switch core processors, it looked to Wescom Resources Group for its core hosting and managed services.

    “We’re excited to be moving to Corelation and WRG,” Strata CU CEO Brandon Ivie said. “We’re excited to move to a modern core and have WRG providing flexible hosting to help Strata make more efficient use of our time.”

    Above and beyond core hosting, WRG will be managing processing and business continuity services for Strata CU. Strata CU Vice President of IT Brenda O’Doherty added, “By outsourcing our core hosting with WRG, we have the best of both worlds because of its flexibility. And we’re able to reallocate our team’s time to more strategic matters. I also like having specialists devoted to our cybersecurity 24/7 to protect our members’ data.”

    Core hosting and managed services is about deciding how to better manage your credit union’s resources, so your credit union’s team can focus on improving and expanding service to your members. For WRG, a wholly owned CUSO of Wescom Credit Union, it’s also about delivering excellence through products, processes and people. WRG is all about helping your staff serve your credit union’s members.

    Strata Credit Union is making great strides to serve consumers, and we’re proud the team selected WRG to assist along its journey,” WRG Director of Sales and Marketing Kerry Schiappa said. “Our core hosting possesses an incredibly experienced team to alleviate credit unions’ operational burdens and streamline their success. We can’t wait to get started!”

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    About Wescom Resources Group

    Since 2002, WRG’s mission has been to build ever-stronger relationships, systems and processes that enable our credit unions to innovate and prosper, redefining what it means to be a credit union technology partner. Our unique combination of platforms, including Unitri and Tellergy, services and knowledgeable people make for a powerful credit union-based infrastructure. The WRG team operates around 5 core values: Client Focus, Teamwork & Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation. Learn more today at

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